Artist's Statement:

    Connection to place for me is prerequisite to the creation of a meaningful image. This connection is based upon one's life experiences newly aquired or long term. Without this understanding, it is unlikely that I would be able to convey my way of seeing and feeling about what I am photographing. 

   Tom taught Science pre K to grade 5  in Brooklyn, New York for thirty-eight years. He also was a curriculum writer and a teacher trainer. After a rewarding career as an educator, he now spends his time taking photographs.

    Many of the images presented on this site were captured within ten minutes from Tom's homes on Long Island N.Y. He does however travel to other locations mostly in the lower 48. Spending a day or two at a location is usually not enough time to come to an understanding of an area.

   Tom considers himself more of a generalist than a specialist. He is at times interpretive, at times literal. He photographs in black and white and in color. He feels that there is little sense in limiting one's possibilities.