All images are printed using archival pigments and archival papers. The utmost care is always used when printing one of my images. Your satisfaction is guaranteed . All prints are open editions.

   If you wish to purchase one of my images, please call me at  516 318 0164 Please let me know the size and the title of the work that you want.

Paper Size                 Price

81/2x11 inches              $75.00

13x19 inches                 $100.00

17x22 inches                 $125.00

larger sizes up to 48 inches are available with most images

The sizes indicated above are the size of the paper on which the image is printed . The size of the photograph will vary depending on the original dimensions and aspect ratio of the original composition. For example, an image printed on 13x19 paper might be 12x16 or might be 9x18.