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The Land And Water in Color

Dunes and Trees

Scottish Morn

Hallock Preserve Early Fall

Spring Foliage, Dam Pond

Sea Trees #1

Spring Comes to a Local Creek

Father and Son, Day at the Beach

Cedar Key #1

Cedar Key #3

Cedar Key #4

Two Points

Inlet #1

Dunes and Trees

Inlet #2

Trees with Clouds

A Late Fall Afternoon on a Local Creek

Two Trees in Fog

Scudders Pond

River Leading to Two Horses

Sunken Meadow Dunes in Winter

Hallock Preserve #4

Hallock Preserve #5

The River's Mouth

The Visitor

Along Shoreline Trail in Winter

Three Sheep Grazing

Sunken Meadow Creek, Winter

Along Shoreline Trail in Winter #2

Late Fall Mattituck

Along Shoreline Drive in Winter

Path at Narrow River

Boat on Dam Pond


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